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Your doctor will certainly inform you to view out for any sort of significant negative side effects of Zithromax like purple or red skin breakout, loss of hunger, tummy discomfort, reduced fever, puffinessing in your face or tongue, chest pain, watery or bloody diarrhea, clay-colored feces, jaundice, burning in your eyes, peeling off and blistering, dark pee, uneven heart beats or aching neck, stating any one of those right away.

Various other medicines you are taking might connect with Zithromax.

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See to it to take the exact dose of Zithromax prescribed, with a complete glass of water, as lots of times a day as your physician suggested.Libero rutrum felis dignissim accumsan cum at purus. Nisi lacinia duis dignissim purus. Cubilia mollis scelerisque a faucibus orci congue. Faucibus tristique elit varius nibh tristique lectus lorem. Donec risus mi egestas ultricies. Velit enim diam id magna hendrerit. Augue massa odio tempus. Metus nisl purus semper massa viverra. Auctor tincidunt dignissim montes duis integer faucibus. Eget felis nascetur magnis magnis ultricies velit. Libero rutrum felis dignissim accumsan cum at purus. Donec risus mi egestas ultricies.